Zásilkový prodej krmiva

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Breeding Equipment

Inserted: July 27, 2008

Reliability and efficiency of all offered instruments and equipments is guaranteed by practical use at our farm

  • Table electronic incubators for 35 pcs a 100 pcs eggs for gallinaceous and water birds. Special incubators for reptiles of the same design can be supplied
  • Motor-equipped, fully automatic incubators for parrots, gallinaceous and water birds, ostriches. Capacity 40-4500 pcs eggs
  • Heating ceramic lamps ELSTEIN 60 a 100 Watt producing heat, not light. Size and thread as a classical glow lamp
  • Plastic aids for use to prevent nibbling feathers of type �C� a �spectacles�
  • Colour plastic and anodized rings
  • Aviary mesh with UV filter, size from 2x2 cm to 7x7cm.