Zásilkový prodej krmiva

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Gallinaceous, Ornamental Pheasants, Partridges and Quails

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V In the year 1990 we started to construct a breeding facility focused especially on breeding ornamental pheasants. At present we breed more than 30 species of gallinaceous birds. Our collection ranges from commonly-bred kinds of pheasants to Peacock- pheasants, Fireback, Green Peafowl, Junglefowl, Occellated Turkey, Peacock Fowls, five subspecies of Silver Pheasant and colour mutations of Ring-necked Pheasant.

Our breeds have been awarded the first prizes in Czech Republic. We succeeded the first-in-captivity-breed of Bambusicola fytchii, Francolinus pondicerianus. We managed to breed Guttera pucherani in the year 2002 and Numida meleagris reichenowi in the year 2005, whose parents were imported from wild and quarantined at our farm.